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My Story, Mission,
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My goal 100% of the time is to EMPOWER you

Physiotherapy Services

My Story

A lifetime of sports injuries has led me to dedicate myself to helping others with their goals in rehabilitation and performance. 

Prior to becoming a Physiotherapist, I spent my life in pursuit of a career in elite distance running and professional road cycling. From 2003-2012, as I completed high school, and my undergraduate degree, I got my foot in the door in the fitness and rehabilitation field working at a women’s gym, and an outpatient physiotherapy facility. 

My goals took me to the University of Utah on a full scholarship for Track and Field and Cross Country running. I experienced a lot of foot and ankle pain and sought the help of many specialists, trainers, physiotherapists, and osteopaths, to no avail. Demoralized and feeling broken, I gave up running and switched sports to road cycling. 

I was several years into my career in cycling when I developed back pain and sciatica that eventually became quite debilitating. It was during that time that I began to question a lot of what I previously believed. I went back to school for Physiotherapy in 2013, in search of answers. At the end of my education, I still had back pain, occasional sciatica, and troubles with my foot and ankle. 

It wasn’t until I delved into pain science education and began a different type of training and rehabilitation that I was able to get out of pain and do all of my activities as I wish. This type of training and mindset—resilience training and the growth mindset has formed my practice today. 

I do not practice traditional physiotherapy, as you will learn—which is why I practice out of a gym. I believe in teaching people they are not broken, to understand their pain, and empower them to train and do the work, rather than offering quick fixes or dependence on a therapist. 

My Mission and Vision

My goal 100% of the time is to EMPOWER you, to help you move better, and without pain. I will meet YOU where you are at with YOUR wellness and performance goals.

It is my foremost belief that one should not give up what they love to do because of an injury or a condition. Given willful persistence, the right coaching, treatment, and support, you can heal and come back from anything. Over the past 12-years working in rehabilitation, this has been proven to me time and time again.

I refuse to tell or let my clients believe their bodies are faulty or broken, no matter what condition they come to me with. I believe the human body and spirit is incredibly resilient, and I want to help YOU prove YOUR resilience and strength. Read here this incredible example of human resilience.

What We Do

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my Extended Health Coverage for Physiotherapy-Training sessions?

Yes—Once you pay for your session (E-transfer, Cash, Credit Card, or Paypal), you will get a receipt with the Physiotherapist’s license number and a description of the services. You will then submit your receipt. Most insurance companies no longer require a doctor’s referral, however, it is best to check with your provider.

How soon should I come in after an injury or motor vehicle accident?

Generally, the sooner the better. No matter what stage of injury, there is always something you can and should be doing to ensure you recover as quickly and as well as possible.

What will we do in my session?

The session will be tailored to your specific injuries and needs. Most sessions are 55-minutes and consist of about 20-30 minutes of training or exercise—cardio, strength and conditioning, mobility work, and 20-30 minutes of hands-on therapy. It is always 1-on-1 and I do not use any machines such as interferential current or ultrasound.

I have been told I have x,y,z,...

I have been told I have x,y,z, (i.e.: “degenerative disc disease,” spondylolisthesis, arthritis, bone spurs, rotator cuff tear) based on MRI, XRAY, or other imaging findings and that there is nothing I can do, that I should “live with it.” Can you help me?

Contrary to public belief, and what most doctors tell their patients, imaging findings have high false-positive rates (showing things that aren’t actually there, artifacts), and many people have imaging findings in a particular body area, and no symptoms. For example, most people have “degenerative changes” in their spine, and many have no symptoms at all. Knee osteoarthritis is exceptionally common in asymptomatic people. Rotator cuff tears are found in many people without shoulder pain as well. 


If you have had an accident or injury in the past, you may very well have pain in that joint that a doctor would attribute to arthritis, however, my experience is that pain and dysfunction are, more than anything a reflection of how well you have prepared that previously injured area for the given activity. 


All that being said, with creative collaboration, patience, and hard work in training, between a  Physiotherapist and yourself, you certainly don’t have to “live with it!”

Exercise Plans

We will tailor the exercises I recommend to YOU. If you are into stretching/yoga type exercises, I will work with that. If you gravitate to higher intensity or strength exercises, or if you’re an athlete looking to improve performance or return safely from an injury, the program we create will reflect those goals.

During every visit, we will video your exercises using an App. By the end of the visit you will have received personalized video, verbal, and written instructions in your email, to assist you with your home or gym based program, and any simple exercises I recommend for throughout your day.

"Tissue Work"

“Tissue work”—refers to soft tissue massage, mobilization, or manipulation I may do with my hands (applying pressure or traction through the skin), instrument assisted—using various objects, scraping stones, metal edges, or suction cups. Tissue work I perform often involves me or you moving your joints through different ranges of motion, as done with the “Active Release Technique,” but not under the patent. The goal of this type of treatment is what I think of as a reset for the muscle group(s), with the goal of restoring a full, pain-free range of motion.

"Joint Mobilizations"

“Joint mobilizations” are pumping or sustained gliding motions or traction across joints which aim to restore mobility, fluid movement, and decrease pain and stiffness.

Rochelle L.
19:13 24 Oct 18
Stephanie listened to my story and took the time to get a full picture of what was happening in my body. She asked me to be very active in my own healing process. Rather than simply giving me a treatment and sending me on my way, she demanded that I was a full active participant in my recovery from injury and that made all the difference! She is so full of knowledge, joy and support! I would definitely recommend seeing Stephanie for physiotherapy support that yields longterm results.
Jeremy P.
16:20 06 Dec 19
Stephanie is a phenomenal physiotherapist. She has helped me recover from everything from shin splints to a fractured ankle. Stephanie is very knowledgeable and is always up to date with new techniques and procedures to help with recovery of all sorts. Alongside her knowledge, she is very motivating, which is very important when it comes to getting healthy and recovering from an injury/soreness. I highly recommend Stephanie for anyone needing physiotherapy!
Rory B
03:01 08 Sep 18
Stephanie is currently treating me in recovery from an automobile/bicycle collision. It has been invaluable to have a therapist that understands and relates to injury from both a physical and mental outlook. Healing quickly with regained strength and reduced pain has been a blessing that I appreciate! Talking through processes and physiology and review videos emailed to me that reinforce proper technique and exercises has been invaluable. I will be returning to her for any future issues if required once my current health has returned to normal.

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