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Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy @ Fluidpower

Physiotherapy @ Fluidpower

Sports Physiotherapy
Sports Physiotherapy @ Fluidpower
ICBC Kinesiology
ICBC Physiotherapy & Kinesiology
Physio Therapy Sessions @ Active Care Health
Physiotherapy @ Active Care Health

Physiotherapy @ Fluidpower


Gym-Clinic Hybrid Model


Physiotherapy services are available and geared toward you. Have you sustained an injury, or do you have a long-standing injury that gets in the way of your activities and your life?

If you are looking for a challenging, ACTIVE approach, where you are not stuck doing generic band exercises or standard “rehab exercises,” this is where you need to be.

We will collaborate to create a movement program tailored to YOUR goals.

Whatever manual therapy (tissue work and joint mobilizations) you need, will be built into your session.

The gym-clinic hybrid model has emerged with the overwhelming evidence that the best way to help our clients is through active rehabilitation and education.

This is the future of Physiotherapy!

Initial Assesment

$105.00  –  1.5 Hours

Follow-up Session

$95.00  –  55 Minutes

Sports Physiotherapy @ Fluidpower

Whether you are a high-performance athlete, weekend warrior, or looking to start a strength and conditioning program, this is the service for you.

Sports Physiotherapy Encompasses

  • Sport-specific mobility demands
  • Skill and coordination development
  • Speed training
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Power development
  • Endurance training
  • Visual/vestibular training to optimize coordination and efficiency in performance


To assist with recovery and optimizing pain-free mobility, manual therapy (tissue work and joint mobilizations) you need, will be built into your session in our treatment area.

My background is in high-performance track and field, distance running, triathlon, and professional road cycling. I take a special interest in Rock climbing training and rehabilitation, as that is my current sport.

I have been developing my skills and practice as a strength and conditioning coach

since 2011. Following my degree in Exercise Physiology, I did the Canfitpro Personal training course, and have taken several strength and conditioning and performance courses since, including The Movement Fix—which is CrossFit oriented, and BackFitPro Performance which has its foundations in powerlifting.

No matter what your sport is, I have the necessary training competency and experience to create a program based around your injuries,  goals or weaknesses.

ICBC Physiotherapy and Kinesiology

ICBC Physiotherapy and Kinesiology is for you if you are an active person, gym person, or athlete. Fluid Power Personal Training is a full, private gym with a separate treatment area.

ICBC Physiotherapy and Kinesiology is not for you if you are inactive, do not regularly engage in physical activity, or do not like gyms. Please visit me at Active Care Health for a more gentle approach

(still includes Kinesiology—Active Rehabilitation Program tailored to your life).

Following ICBC Claims Processing (LINK BELOW),

You receive automatic approval for:

Initial Physiotherapy assessment + 24 sessions
Initial Kinesiology (Active Rehabilitation) assessment + 12 sessions

Services billed directly to ICBC

We may extend either of these services beyond the pre-approved allotment, depending on your case.

The system in place allows you to access the services you need as swiftly as possible following your motor vehicle accident.

No matter what the severity of your injuries—from minor to major, it is imperative, and in your best interest that you start an Active Rehabilitation Program along with your Physiotherapy sessions as soon as possible.

Starting as soon as possible, I find where you can begin ensuring your comfort and that you lose as little as possible of your function and fitness. The key to preventing acute pain from escalating is to be as active as possible from the start. Active rehabilitation is a must for preventing acute injuries from becoming chronic. This isn’t to say you don’t need rest and recovery time. Together we will find the active program that fits you, your schedule, and your injuries. It will be 100% tailored to you and your life, always.

Links for ICBC pages explaining process & coverage:

Make your claim here: ICBC Claim Link

Information on services covered and process

Information on ICBC sessions

No cost to Client

Initial Assessment:

1.5 hours, depending on the number of injured areas we may do an additional hour another day


  • A full assessment of your injuries and current physical capacity
  • Discussion of your injuries and your goals
  • Hands-on treatment to facilitate your recovery (my tissue work and joint mobilizations)
  • Initiation of Active Program – A workout tailored to your current state.

Follow-up Sessions:

1h15 – 1h30 mins weekly or twice per week, depending on your case.


  • 30-45 mins Physiotherapy assessment and treatment
  • 30-60 mins 1-on-1 Active Rehabilitation

@ Active Care Health

If you are looking for Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Massage, Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy, Cold laser and more, in one convenient location, this is the place for you. This location is ideal for those who suffer from debilitating chronic pain and disability associated with chronic pain.

My practice is a blend of manual therapy (tissue work and joint mobilizations) and instruction/completion of your tailored exercise program.

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