Inclusive in all the services I offer, I use a unique blend of soft tissue techniques and joint mobilizations, along with instruction and guidance for your personalized exercise plan.


“Tissue work”—refers to soft tissue massage, mobilization, or manipulation I may do with my hands (applying pressure or traction through the skin), instrument assisted—using various objects, scraping stones, metal edges, or suction cups. Tissue work I perform often involves me or you moving your joints through different ranges of motion, as done with the “Active Release Technique,” but not under the patent. The goal of this type of treatment is what I think of as a reset for the muscle group(s), with the goal of restoring a full, pain-free range of motion.


“Joint mobilizations” are pumping or sustained gliding motions or traction across joints which aim to restore mobility, fluid movement, and decrease pain and stiffness.


We will tailor the exercises I recommend to YOU. If you are into stretching/yoga type exercises, I will work with that. If you gravitate to higher intensity or strength exercises, or if you’re an athlete looking to improve performance or return safely from an injury, the program we create will reflect those goals.

During every visit, we will video your exercises using an App. By the end of the visit you will have received personalized video, verbal, and written instructions in your email, to assist you with your home or gym based program, and any simple exercises I recommend for throughout your day.

Wellness Clinic


I base my Physiotherapy practice out of Active Care Health, a Multidisciplinary Clinic in the beautiful, sunny downtown Kelowna, BC (link to map). My initial consult is an hour and 10-minutes as I believe in taking the time to let you tell your story. Subsequent visits are 45-60 minutes, depending on your needs.


If you are in need of hands-on therapy, I use a blend of massage and other soft tissue techniques and joint mobilizations/manipulations. The treatment is a hybrid of what a massage therapist, chiropractor, and sports and conditioning coach or trainer would do.


I believe that there is a type of exercise that is enjoyable and feasible for ALL people to assist them in reaching their life goals and decrease or eliminate daily pains. I will interview and collaborate with you to figure out what this looks like for you. No matter how busy or how much you hate exercise, we can make something that works for you!

Personal Training:

Physiotherapy Hybrid Plans at

Fluid Power Health &  Performance

I am excited to be joining Mike Christy at Fluid Power Health and Performance to offer you this unique service, tailored to your needs. Following a comprehensive assessment and conversation about your goals ~1.5 hours, we will create a wellness plan for you, combining personal training tailored to your health and performance needs, and hands-on therapy consisting of Tissue Work and joint mobilizations. For this service, I accept payment in advance via e-transfer, cash, or cheque and will bill you privately. You may submit the bill to your Extended Health Plan.

Fluid Power Health & Performance

Remote Visits

If you are seeking an exercise program at your home or facility gym, I may also travel within the vicinity of Kelowna, West Kelowna, and Lake Country.

I accept payment in advance via e-transfer, cash, or cheque and will bill you privately. You may submit the bill to your Extended Health Plan.

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